Spending Time With Your Ferret

Your ferret is a playful and affectionate creature who needs to spend at least an hour with you every day. Here are some things to remember when enjoying your furry pet.

Ferrets enjoy being handled, but watch your ferret’s body language for clues. In general, it’s best to let your ferret come to you. A ferret who is busy playing and exploring is not going to be interested in affection and may try to bite you. Remember that ferrets can become frightened by movements that are too quick or too close to their heads.

It’s best to wash your hands before handling a ferret.Get more information here. http://www.odditycentral.com/funny/ferret-legging-a-truly-bizarre-animal-sport.html Your ferret will detect any food smells on your hands or clothes, which could lead to biting. If you’re concerned about being bitten, rub a “bitter apple” product on your hands, which your ferret will find unappealing.

As active and playful pets, ferrets like a variety of toys and interactive games. Most ferrets enjoy chasing (or being chased), playing tug of war, exploring inside empty boxes, and playing with a variety of toys like ping pong balls or paper cups. The range of games to play with your furry friend is limited only by your imagination!

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